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Son of Stone - Stuart Woods

Son of Stone

By Stuart Woods

  • Release Date: 2011-09-20
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4
From 671 Ratings


Stone Barrington is faced with the biggest challenge of his life as Stuart Woods’s #1 New York Times bestselling series continues...

After an eventful trip to Bel-Air and a reunion with his sophisticated (and very wealthy) former love, Arrington Calder, confirmed bachelor Stone Barrington is looking to stay in New York and cash in on his partnership at Woodman & Weld. Not only is he a rainmaker of one of the riches white-shoe law firms in town, he’s back in his element. Manhattan, after all, is his home, and no one is better than Stone at navigating both its shadowy underworlds and its chic society.
But Arrington has other plans for Stone, and his life is about to take a turn he never imagined...


  • Son of stone

    By boots saddle
    Great read. Some very sad incidents, but overall, a fine story with a proper ending.
  • Son of stone

    By Stockstudier
    Get a new ghost writer. This is tripe, tired and 9 th grade level.
  • Son of Stone

    By Moot 32
    The demise of Stuart Woods continues. He just gets worse and worse. I'm through. This will be the last Woods book on which I waste my time and money.
  • Really?

    By Living a Dream
    Never again will I buy another book by Woods. Elementary writing, dull reading, no plot, I couldn't even finish it.
  • Son of Stone

    By BLTn707
    Very good, quick read; typical Stuart Woods to some extent. Only one surprise that was dealt with in an interesting fashion. On to the next one by Woods!
  • Liked it!

    By Teddy-Mac
    I was surprised as I read the other reviews. I was excited to see Stone reunited with his one true love -- this was a long-ago started romance that Stuart's avid and devoted readers have waited a very long time to conclude. Albeit, in this book, somewhat predictable, I believe Stuart did a beautiful job telling a completely different story while trying to maintain Stone's character integrity -- he had to do much of that in very concise writing. I loved meeting, Peter, Hattie and Ben -- they're all I hoped they'd be!
  • JD

    By J1e2d3
    I agree with others. I really enjoy Stuart Woods, but this left me wanting. Not much depth and several story lines just dropped. Hope next book picks up.
  • Son of stone

    By Read2u
    I have never written a review before but this book was a waste of my money! S. Woods should be ashamed to sucker his followers in purchasing this folly of a book.
  • Son of Stone stinker

    By dany2
    Shame on Mr Stuart. I feel insulted. At first I thought it was me, I have been reading more literally challenging books and I was thinking that this book was not up to par, but then I soon realized that this book was just writing at its worst. I felt like I was reading a not very good first time author. I never looked at the reviews because I have always enjoyed Stuarts books. I will not make that mistake again. If I could have returned this book I would have.
  • Worst stone book yet

    By Reagandog
    This is by far the worst stone Barrington book to date. Very disappointing. Stuart woods has turned this character into a joke. talk about copying a Clive cussler story line. Give me a break.