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Criminal Mischief - Stuart Woods

Criminal Mischief

By Stuart Woods

  • Release Date: 2021-12-28
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4
From 730 Ratings


In this exhilarating new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington goes up against an enemy on the run.

After a dangerous adventure has him traveling up and down the coast, Stone Barrington is looking forward to some down time at his Manhattan abode. But when an acquaintance alerts him to a hinky plot being hatched across the city, he finds himself eager to pursue justice. 
After the mastermind behind it all proves more evasive than anyone was expecting, Stone sets out on an international chase to places he's never gone before. With the help of old friends—and alluring new ones—Stone is determined to see the pursuit through to the end, even if it means going up against a foe more unpredictable than he has ever faced...


  • Disappointing

    By Gary43
    With each successive Barrington book it seems as though there is more and more an emphasis on Stone’s sexual exploits while the plots get weaker and weaker.
  • Worst Barrington book ever

    By W$RD234
    Do not waste your money on this trash. I have read all of the Stone Barrington series and enjoyed them. I’m halfway through the book and I’m not sure I can stand to read the rest….
  • Below Par

    By BubalaNYC
    I love this series but hated this book. The sexual details were ridiculous and too plentiful. I want a good story and the travel to his houses or restaurants and stores in Manhattan. How about a nice murder mystery for Stone and Dino to solve - without the ditzy women.
  • Keep politics out!!

    By My2Toys
    I’m have not finished this book and I’m not sure I will. I was hoping that this would be one author that would refrain from getting political but 14 pages in and he has to declare that he’s a left wing democrat who only watches corrupt msnbc. Mystery books are for entertainment. If I wanted to read about politics I’d buy a political book!! It seems more and more authors are using their books to make their political affiliations stance and turning away the readers who make them rich enough to afford the inflation and unnecessary political spending of their democratic party. I for one am through supporting them. While I love to read, I refuse to be subjected to this political crap!! Also…Lately it seems that they’re all about indiscriminate sex with women he’s just met.
  • Please don’t make me read another Stone Barrington Novel.

    By Saratoga Geezer
  • As always, excellent!!!

    By rhymyjy6
    I must say that I wait in hopes of more books. Faster, I just can’t get enough fast enough.
  • Criminal mischief

    By boots saddle
    Fairly good read, but significant drag at the end. Lots and lots of details and a chore to finish.
  • Criminal Mischief

    By Mike Havel
    Terribly disappointing. I have read all the Stone Barrington series. This is the worst. I’m a real fan and look forward to the newest release and but it very quickly. The story line was almost non-existent. As I read I kept thinking well its goingh to get better. It just never did. If this was a dish at the restaurant I would have sent it back, made comments to the manager and left. I hope this series has not finally ended…sometimes the author of a series will continue to milk a few more stories out of a series when they have run out of ideas. They should crdit my account for this one and add a few extra dollars as thatb is time I will never get back.
  • Quick read

    By Mike5628
    Good read. Keeps you wanting more.
  • Criminal Mischief

    By Lavenderose44
    The last several books have really change. The womanizing over the top. All dialogue.