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Miss Delectable - Grace Burrowes

Miss Delectable

By Grace Burrowes

  • Release Date: 2021-06-08
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4
From 334 Ratings


Miss Ann Pearson has spent years learning the difficult art of the professional cook, and jealously guarding her position in the kitchen of the fancy Coventry Club. When Colonel Sir Orion Goddard asks her to take on a young apprentice, Ann would rather refuse. But Orion is respectful, gruffly charming, and looking out for a girl whom others have neglected, and that is a combination Ann cannot resist.

Lingering scandal has taught Orion to make his way without allies or entanglements along the fringes of polite society. Then he meets Ann, who is fierce, passionate, and warm-hearted, and also worth fighting for. If Orion and Ann are to forge a new love, they must first learn to trust each other, and find the courage to overcome old enemies who will do anything to keep the cook and colonel apart!


  • Great read

    By angie1229
    I loved this tale that exposed a glimpse of life for those between the titled class and the poorer classes. And it brought in glimpses of society at all levels. The characters were complex and the story was entertaining and believable.
  • Miss Delectable

    By Grandmommie Kim
    Wonderful book. I enjoyed every moment of reading the pages. I had a little bit of trouble identifying the extra characters, but once I got them straight, the rest of the book was great!!
  • Couldn’t finish the book

    By sandifro
    Poorly written. Uncertain if the author is taking up a plot from a previous story. Just a jumbled mess. Almost unreadable
  • Delicious read

    By raeleigh000
    Lovely story, refreshingly not about the ton. Good mystery. Seems like more than one happily at the end.
  • I highly recommend this delicious, satisfying read

    By Momtobj
    Colonel Sir Orion Goddard begs for Miss Ann Pearson's assistance with a thorny and embarrassing issue concerning one of his rescued street urchins. When she quickly resolves his issue in a sensitive and caring manner, he finds himself already attracted to her. But she has worked hard to achieve her position as undercook in Orion’s brother-in-law’s fancy Coventry Club restaurant and gaming hall and is loathe to give up her hard earned progress. Orion, meanwhile, while wanting to court Ann, has his own problems as the target of persistent rumors regarding his military service, and is loathe to drag her into his dangerous problems. Family assistance, dogged determination on both their parts, and love finally lead Orion and Ann to their well deserved HEA. Ms. Burrowes has a knack of immersing the reader in the story from the first paragraph. Her characters are so immediately likable, that the reader cares about their story and is invested their resolution from the first page. Her stories are also complex and fleshed out enough that midway through the book, the reader can see no possible way the H and h will end up together, and yet, they always do! I highly recommend the delicious, satisfying read that is Miss Delectable. This book was provided by the author without any requirement for a review, positive or otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own.