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The Fifth Vital - Mike Majlak & Riley J. Ford

The Fifth Vital

By Mike Majlak & Riley J. Ford

  • Release Date: 2020-05-05
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 5
From 595 Ratings


Mike Majlak was a seventeen-year-old from a loving, middle-class family in Milford, Connecticut, when he got caught up in the opioid epidemic that swept the nation. For close to a decade thereafter, his life was a wasteland of darkness and despair. While his peers were graduating from college, buying homes, getting married, having kids, and leading normal lives, Mike was snorting OxyContin, climbing out of cars at gunpoint, and burying his childhood friends. Unable to escape the noose of addiction, he eventually lost the trust and support of everyone who had ever loved him. Alone, with nothing but drugs to keep him company, darkness closed in, and the light inside him—the last flicker of hope—began to dim. His dreams, potential, and future were all being devoured by a relentless addiction too powerful to fight. Despair filled him as he realized he wasn't going to survive.

Somehow, he did…



Now he's a social media personality with millions of followers, and an entrepreneur, marketer, podcaster, YouTuber, and author who hopes to use his voice to shine a light for those whose own lights have grown dim.

This is his story.


  • Insight.

    By SuneVee
    I cannot say enough great things about this book. I have followed Mike for awhile from discovering him through Impaulsive. I had heard portions of his story from bits on the podcast and his social media. My bf and I were traveling to Colorado and wanted to pass some time by. I had planned to read The Fifth Vital on our way, but thought it would be better to download the audiobook so we could both listen since we both are very fond of Mike. We were hooked from the beginning. I was so happy that Mike himself narrated his story. We started on our way to CO and finished just now on our way home. I am in tears. The pep talk at the end and after thoughts pulled it all together so well. It gave me so much insight, understand and appreciation for Mike. I found myself getting so anxious and upset for him in the lows and so many butterflies and excitement during the highs. I love his gf as well and really wish she would write a book on her life, as it is very different but with many obstacles that she overcame as well. This book made me feel so much empathy and understanding to those that I love who have struggled with addiction and also hit home for myself and those who have struggled with mental health issues. On my days that I struggle I will absolutely go back and listen to the after thoughts. Thank you, Mike. We love this book and you!
  • Wow!

    By jebright
    I found this book by listening to Impaulsive! I started reading it and couldn’t stop! I watched my biological mother die from drugs and I wish I could have been to her what Mike’s mom was to him! After my father passed unexpectedly (no not drug related) I fell into a deep depression and turned to alcohol. I few like there could have been at least 5 times I should have died. I am to say that I have been alcohol free for almost 2 years now. I love this book and how “from the heart” it truly is. My ONLY complaint is this.....I wish Mike wrote this earlier!
  • Great read, fascinating and inspiring story.

    By seana223714
    Fascinating story and an easy read that keeps you hooked from beginning to end.
  • Amazing

    By jurcnkg
    This book was AMAZING. Mike you are an inspiration. I can’t believe how much you’ve been through. Wow. Such an easy read and great book. You can do anything you put your mind to. I struggle with anxiety everyday and this book made me realize what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger always.
  • Certainly recommend

    By dellarhae
    If you enjoy reading about someone in the gutter of addiction and the ability to dig their way out, I couldn’t recommend this book any more. Mike falls into addiction as an adolescent as a result of Purdue Pharma being the ultimate drug pusher mixed with teenage bad decision making. I’m so glad he survived to tell his story. He has found ultimate success in sobriety and a career as a product influencer. Bravo mike. Great read. May you continue to stay sober and help others in need.
  • Mostly good

    By emily.h1988
    This book is really well written and I enjoyed most of it. The story of his addiction and recovery are heartbreaking and inspiring. But 3/4 of the way through I had to stop because it's all about his influencer friends and how many celebrities he knows; it gets obnoxious and frankly uninteresting.
  • Current User

    By CaseyReynolds
    This is a must read! If you’ve used opiates, currently use, or don’t do drugs at all, this is a great story to dive into. I’ve used opiates most of my teenage and young adult life. I’ve gone through most of the this same stuff, just different times and stories. Addiction is hell. A hell I can’t seem to break free from. I know that I don’t want this life anymore and can’t wait for the day that I wake up sober. Reading this is just another reason for me to change my ways, especially reading about someone I’m a fan of and learning about his redemption. If you can do it Mike, why can’t I? Hopefully the next time I write to you, it’ll be a sober me writing. Thanks for putting your personal past out there for addicts like I, to read and get the message that life gets better once you stride to becoming sober. Later bro ✌🏽 ~Casey~
  • Great book

    By ghostly pumpkin 76
    I really enjoyed this book
  • Amazing story

    By Zimm206
    Mike is an incredibly humble person and this book was written so well! I only wish him the best in his bright future! Highly recommended!!
  • Inspiring

    By mikeyhsnn
    Most uplifting book I’ve read in a long time. Really helps me through hard times!