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Pregnancy - Edna Rivera


By Edna Rivera

  • Release Date: 2015-04-21
  • Genre: Christianity


Thinking about having a baby? Already pregnant? Pregnancy is a weekly, educational devotional that goes beyond describing the babys physical development. It combines Gods word with the studies in the field of prenatal memory. Research has confirmed that some of the experiences the baby has in the womb are being imprinted in its inner being.

If you desire to connect with your baby and your baby with God, then Pregnancy is the book for you. Each week the baby describes itself in a joyful and sometimes amusing way. It speaks to its parents about its physical development during that week and glorifies God. This is followed by prayers based on the Bible, for the parents to pray for each organ in development, as well as the babys soul and spirit. Pregnancy covers the forty weeks of gestation, including the preconception period and the day of delivery.

Pregnancy may be shared with your loved ones. Invite them to do something special and unforgettable by joining you in prayer.

You will also find support guides for when the baby is not initially wanted, the experience of an abortion, and when you suffer the loss of a baby during pregnancy.

Pregnancy will help you enjoy all the stages of your babys development and imprint special memories of love and acceptance in its inner self. You will be setting the foundation for the spiritual and social-emotional identity of your unborn child for the rest of its life.