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Are You My Mom? - Chinese with Meggie

Are You My Mom?

By Chinese with Meggie

  • Release Date: 2013-12-15
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Are You My Mom? is a book about a caterpillar in search of his mom for young Chinese language learners! This book includes exercises. This book includes exercises.

Diving into Chinese is a series of books designed for young Chinese language learners. There are total 41 books and divided into 4 levels.

The series emphasizes pattern reading to assist students in building a foundation in a fun and engaging way. Each book follows the fashion that has Chinese text on the left page and its illustration on the right page. A vocabulary list is provided at the end of the book with Chinese characters, Pinyin, English translation and their categories. Each book has both Chinese texts and its English translation. Different from Standard English grammar, our English translation is purposely translated following the Chinese sentence order, which aims on training readers to be used to Chinese sentence order through the process of translating.