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The Practical Dog Listener - Jan Fennell

The Practical Dog Listener

By Jan Fennell

  • Release Date: 2012-05-03
  • Genre: Pets


In THE DOG LISTENER, Jan Fennell changed the way we think about our best friends. Now, in this indispensible companion volume, she deals with the day-to-day practicalities of putting those principles to work.

In THE PRACTICAL DOG LISTENER, Jan Fennell distils her ideas into a simple 30-day guide that will enable everyone to use her remarkable method in a practical context. She covers every element of pet ownership – from introducing a dog to its new home and handling it in public, to dealing with behavioural problems. With detailed sections on everything from exercise to diet, there will also be problem-solving guides, dealing with worries such as biting or anxiety.

Once again, Jan illustrates her points with entertaining and inspiring real-life cases from her own work with damaged and delinquent dogs. She even tells the saga of the Devil Dog – a tale to reassure even the most desperate owner that perseverance really does pay off!

About the author

After the success of Channel 5’s programme The Dog Listener (‘It was amazing.’ – The Daily Mail), Jan Fennell will appear in her own series in Autumn 2000. Jan has previously appeared on Yorkshire tv, in the series Problem Pooches. She lives in Lincolnshire but her work takes her all around the country.