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Silent Spring - Rachel Carson

Silent Spring

By Rachel Carson

  • Release Date: 2002-10-22
  • Genre: Nature
Score: 4
From 87 Ratings


Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was first published in three serialized excerpts in the New Yorker in June of 1962. The book appeared in September of that year and the outcry that followed its publication forced the banning of DDT and spurred revolutionary changes in the laws affecting our air, land, and water. Carson’s passionate concern for the future of our planet reverberated powerfully throughout the world, and her eloquent book was instrumental in launching the environmental movement. It is without question one of the landmark books of the twentieth century.


  • Good book

    By mindyourbeeeniz
    Rachael carson never claim that pesticides are all bad but it does have huge affect on the environment look at what happened to the bees. People who blamed her are bias. Also then it was really sexist. They tried to discredit her cuz shes a woman
  • Pure fiction

    By Smack004
    For those looking to read this book please make sure you go into it knowing that her theories on DDT were scientifically disproven BEFORE it was banned. None of her claims regarding DDT have any basis other than fantasy. And furthermore, because of her blatant errors, hundreds of thousands of people have needlessly died from mosquito-born diseases. She should be remembered as a mass murderer rather than an author.
  • A Siminal Work

    By DSmith8
    I never thought of insecticides this way until I read it in Silent Spring, “they (insecticides) should not be called ‘insecticides’ but ‘biocides’”. This statement really captures 2 major themes of Carson’s work. The obvious, their toxicity isn’t limited to insects. The not so obvious, their labeling, infering limited toxicity, was a calculated marketing ploy to reduce societial examination and limit criticism of their broadly adopted usage.
  • Very informative

    By Waterboy2654
    I found this book to be very informative and interesting. It helped me understand what happened in the early years of the chemical industry and how pesticides were applied in such huge quantities without any thought to what the consequences were. It is good to know that there were other people out there that were willing to look into and investigate the effects in order to better understand what pesticides can do if not regulated. Because people were willing to look into these things we now have even safer chemicals and better ways of controlling pests.
  • Deeply disturbing but so important.

    By moskovich
    She is a brilliant writer and doesn't hold back. This book has totally changed how I look at everything from carrots to deodorant.