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Teaching with Zoom: A Guide for Complete Beginners - Keith Folse

Teaching with Zoom: A Guide for Complete Beginners

By Keith Folse

  • Release Date: 2020-06-04
  • Genre: Education


Teaching with Zoom is a book written by a teacher for teachers. Using non-technical, everyday language and my 'teacher thinking,' I explain how to accomplish typical classroom activities – including checking attendance, working in groups, presenting new material using interactive polls, writing on a shared whiteboard, and more. I also cover security and privacy issues, troubleshooting common problems, and getting additional help. This guide truly starts at the very beginning, so even a teacher who has never used Zoom before can learn how to successfully set up and manage a class.

The practical information in this book is presented through 46 common teacher questions (How do I show a PowerPoint? How do students ask a question? Can I use Zoom for office hours?) with detailed answers that walk you through each step, supported with over 50 screenshots. For each activity, I explain not only how to accomplish it with Zoom but why you might want to do that task a certain way.

Online teaching involves not only teachers but also students and parents, and all three voices should be considered for better online instruction. To this end, I've included a chapter filled with dozens of insightful comments from students, parents, and teachers who have used Zoom.