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Shameless - Sybil Bartel


By Sybil Bartel

  • Release Date: 2020-08-17
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 275 Ratings






The Marines trained me to be a weapon. Tactical warfare was in my blood. I didn't think twice when I was deployed for the fifth time because I was born battle ready. Then a mission went south and left me with a medical discharge.

Too many years downrange, I didn't fit in the civilian world. Taking a job with the best security firm in the business seemed like a solid plan… until I was assigned babysitting duty for a spoiled little rich girl. The only thing worse than the assignment was the client's mouth. She thought she could run it—all over me—and not suffer the consequences. She was wrong.

Now she was about to find out how shameless a bodyguard could be.

*SHAMELESS is the sexy new standalone book in the Alpha Bodyguard Series.

The Alpha Bodyguard Series:

SCANDALOUS – Tank's story

MERCILESS – Collins's story

RECKLESS – Tyler's story

RUTHLESS – Sawyer's story

FEARLESS – Ty's story

CALLOUS – Preston's story

RELENTLESS – Thomas's story

SHAMELESS – Shade's story

HEARTLESS - Ronan's story


  • Shamelessly obsessed

    By Soccermom69
    The best word to describe this book is steamy. By far the best book in this series. Shade and Summer have a connection unlike any other. I could read this book a million times and not get tired of their story. They should have a series of their own!
  • Shameless

    By K.D. N.
    Another great addition to the series!! Highly recommend!!
  • LOVE

    By potter3417
    i LOVE these books and shade did not disappoint! amazing
  • Shameless

    By jonah com
    😳 your use of God’s name was terrible!!! Other than that I loved your writing! I love dominance and alpha male books! You understand their personalities well. If it’s wasn’t for all the GD’s I would totally give that 5th star.
  • I need an ice cold water

    By pris.89
    After reading this, I need an ice cold water to cool me down. Wow- Sybil, you did great with this one. Loved Shade and Summer. After getting a preview of her in the other books, I had convinced myself I wasn’t going to be into her story all that much but I was wrong. I love how we got to see the real her and how she felt after rehab. Shade was...phew. Definitely one of my faves is all I gotta say. Thank you Sybil!
  • She’s done it again!!!

    By teener01611
    Sybil has done it again!!! I couldn’t have loved a book more than this one. Shade and Summer fit right into the Alpha family!!! And their dynamic and chemistry is off the chain!!! Shade has become my second favorite alpha!!!! You did good!!
  • Love me some Shade

    By nikki van horn
    A great book to read. Shade is a bodyguard that doesn't let anybody push him over. He is sexy, stubborn, protective and good at his job. Love that he is very protective, sexy in a man. He gets himself into a little bit of a crisis. Summer is a teenager/woman. She has been in trouble her whole life. She is finally ready for something else for her life. I felt bad for her and the way she was brought up. No child should have to endure that. Getting these two together was a good match. She figured him out quicker than any other woman has. He wasn't ready for that. They had great chemistry and I love that in a couple. She is quite stubborn too. I love these two. I highly recommend reading this book. Another great read Sybil Bartel. Definitely wasn't disappointed. Love it.
  • Shameless...

    From the front cover to the final page, Sybil Bartel once again creates an intoxicating story that you can’t stop craving. Shade is just the type of alpha male found at L&A. Summer is back and more perfect than ever! The twists and turns had me laughing, crying, and forgoing sleep just to be left breathless begging fore more. A fantastic addition to The Alpha Bodyguard series, thank you Sybil for creating yet another perfect man!
  • It’s not too early for a re-read... Right?!

    By itsgoindown_06
    If I were only allowed to choose one author to read for the remainder of my life, this is the one I would choose. I don’t know how she manages to do it, but EVERY SINGLE TIME, I am drawn in and stuck like glue to these pages and Shameless is no different. The banter and chemistry between the two main characters are what I crave in every book that I read. The action, the steam, and the suspense is the icing on the cake. I loved this book so much. It’s never too early for a re-read, right?
  • Hot!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Shameless is emotional, angsty, action packed and a whole loft of dirty talking. I don't think you can get more alpha than this hero, and man did he have a mouth on him! He's the kind that comes off like a big jerk that will just turn you on. The heroine didn't stand a chance, especially after hearing about the hardware he was wearing. I had to look some of that up because I had no idea that was a thing. This is nothing like your mommas fluffy romance books!