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He's Lying Sis - Stephan Labossiere

He's Lying Sis

By Stephan Labossiere

  • Release Date: 2019-02-26
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4.5
From 275 Ratings


Your Time is Precious…Let No Man Waste It.

Do You Fight Thoughts of Suspicion or Distrust in Your Relationship? Is There a Huge Disconnect Between His Actions & His Words? Do You Wonder Why He Says One Thing and Does the Total Opposite? Need Answers to Your Relationship Questions that You Can Trust?
He’s Lying Sis exposes some of the most deceptive games men play when dating and even while in relationships. This dating book will allow women to connect the dots between a man’s actions and his words. Stop guessing. Get the answers you need to make the decision on moving forward in love or find out if you need to dodge the bait and cut the cords of deception for good. 

In the first volume of an ongoing series, Stephan Speaks shows single women how to identify and avoid the traps men set that often lead to hurt and heartbreak. Stephan’s dating advice will help you stay free from the drama any lies a man might be telling you, will eventually produce. You deserve to know the truth behind the lies and why men lie in the first place. Enough is enough. Knowing the truth will empower you to live out your best life. 

A healthy relationship with yourself and God is ultimately the best repellent against the unloving habits of lying men.


  • Awesome book!

    By Got-Joi
    Awesome and insightful!
  • He’s lying sis

    By Blacknessloce
    Great book!
  • 20/20 vision- clarity!

    By Shannoal
    I purchased this book because it keep showing up on my Facebook timeline. I am not an avid reader at all. Lately, I have been swimming in the wrong male pool. I am guilty and accept my charge. I said for 2020, I have to make a change. I was expecting a little more from the book, however it was an easy read and I enjoyed it. A lot of the scenarios were relatable and I know my mistakes. I would always question is it me? What am I doing wrong? Why me? I am a good person. As my father and the book noted, you can’t expect the wrong person to bring and happiness or joy. Some men/people are just not good people/person. They don’t know how. As a women, I have to really act on my intuition. It never lies to me. When I see the red flag(s) the first time- act. I have to stop ignoring them. I am guilty! I plan to keep what I have read in my pocket. A mental guide for me. Overall, I enjoyed the book.
  • He’s lying sis

    By Lizzie Jefferson
    Omg, I am not a person to pick up a book and read it. Today I am so glad I did. This book was a slap in my face and by that I mean it really opened my eyes, bc I have been in toxic relationship and situationships that he talks about in the book. It really is a good book to drive into.
  • Two thumbs up

    By RonishadaReal1
    I like the fact the points out the deflecting men do. That was something I’ve gone through a lot I needed this.
  • Clarity

    By Mgonzales0811
    Nothing Stephan said in the book I haven’t already thought to myself. I appreciate the fact that he addresses already known issues women & men face, clearing up any misconception. I listen to my intuition in every situation except when it matters most, my relationships with men. & I should know better. I do. But I ignore the red flags for whatever reason & always end up regretting it later. I’m glad Stephan gave me clarity & confirmation that I’m not “crazy” & “over thinking” or “doing too much.” Your spirit can sense things your eyes & ears haven’t heard & seen yet. I’m really going to let my intuition take the lead from now on & trust when something feels off. I appreciate his blunt honesty. Also, bringing in God & asking for clarity from him in a better way. Great read !
  • Could’ve done with out

    By Hcb23
    This book is common sense. Nothing new or new insight into a mans mind. Very basic advice and stories. Very disappointed.
  • The cure I’ve needed all along!

    By kbel643
    Wow! This book is seriously worth every penny and I couldn’t put it down! I’m not one to normally the the time to even write reviews, but I had to share just how great this book is. I’ve read several other dating books, listened to podcasts, watched videos on YouTube, got advice from family/friends and honestly nothing compared to the knowledge I gained from reading this book. Stephan really lays it all out there in a way that doesn’t at all bash men, but gives you that tough love reality check that you need to bring yourself back to reality of the life you’re living. I’ve been in the same repetitive toxic cycle with an ex that I haven’t been able to let go of for almost a year now. I can say with full confidence that I have the strength I’ve been needing to once and for all cut him out completely, thanks to the encouraging words in this book that I will refer back to if I have a moment of weakness. Thank you for SAVING me and giving me new perspectives on the situation! Ladies, do yourself a favor and read this book! I promise you will not regret it!!!!

    By Jman9499
    I’m so thankful I got to read this book. It brought so much clarity and healing. Stephan is a true man of God and very insightful!
  • Loved the book

    By ashlayyolayy
    Gave me great perspective and insight helped me learn about men and even myself and what I may be doing wrong when it comes to certain situations or scenarios you might find urself in while dating. Definitely a must read thanks for the book ❤️ will reread in the future for sure.