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Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-love has everything to do with it. - Derrick Jaxn

Don't Forget Your Crown: Self-love has everything to do with it.

By Derrick Jaxn

  • Release Date: 2018-09-25
  • Genre: Philosophy
Score: 4.5
From 471 Ratings


Ladies, I'm not here to tell you how many secret ways you can bend over backwards to get some man to come and validate you. You've heard enough of that.
Men, I'm not here to tell you how to attract more women in an effort to chase the fulfillment your heart yearns for but you never learned how to keep. You've tried that already. It did not, and still has not worked.

I'm here to tell you how to stop getting mindscrewed, toyed with, and taken for granted. It's killing your hope in love, and likely even eating away at your sense of self. You don't have to admit it to me, and you can hide it from your circle, but deep down, you know. Why am I so sure? Because I've been there before.
I've been on both the receiving and giving end of heartbreak. I've been the bullshitter and the bullshitted. I, like many of you, tried everything to put myself in position where I could never get hurt, but no matter what, I failed because I was already hurting due to my lack of understanding of self-love.
In this book, I take you through not only my personal process in that journey but also the lessons I learned to help me lead millions in that same journey for themselves today. I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm just telling you that if you continue going in circles like you've been doing then it's by choice because I've now given you the map. The rest is on you to make the necessary steps. Just don't forget your crown


  • A must read!!!!!

    Thank you Derek Jaxin for this book. It helped me understand what I’ve been doing wrong in my relationships but also gave me a new meaning of self love. I cried through some of the chapters cause it hit home for me. Thank you and continue encouraging women to not FORGET THEIR CROWN ~Cynthia
  • Ok

    By pharrell112
    It seems to be for women some good points though
  • Don’t Forget Your Crown

    By CNewell1
    I really loved this book. The information was useful. Thanks for your knowledge and expertise.
  • Gives you courage

    By mubvcygcguk
    The insight given from a mans perspective is so eye opening. It gave me the courage and self esteem I needed to end a relationship I KNEW absolutely In my heart was not right for me. I am now on the journey of healing myself and learning for myself. I look forward to attracting what it is that I truly deserve. Thank you
  • Amazing

    By jonzz123456
    This man never ceases to amaze me. Advice and encouragement coming from a man who isn’t afraid to admit he’s done wrong but has learned and grown from it and has truly figured out what self love and self worth is all about as well as giving amazing insight on what a man is really thinking lol. I will always recommend all of his books.
  • Best book ever!!!!

    By marieannetayla
    This book was absolutely amazing and life changing honestly. It has given me the guidance I’ve tried to seek for so long, from many peers around me, who themselves are lost. I am twenty years young but I want to implement all of these amazing life lessons into myself so that I am the best version of myself. I know for a fact that I am on the right path to progression and change. Signs and synchronicities led me directly to this book, and only one day later I am finished and feeling as though a switch had been flipped and I’ve been granted a new chapter. “Forward movement, and self progression “from here on out!!!
  • Don’t Forget Your Crown :By Dereck Jaxon

    By LadyAmi5
    As an educator, I’ve read tons of books, most, books I had to read not necessarily wanted to read . This book was one of those books I wanted to read and I’m so glad that I did . I’ve had many challenges throughout my life especially in relationships , most not proud of. I picked up this book after accidentally bumping into Team Jaxon’s video when searching for answers through Tarot readings . I became inspired by the videos but intrigued by the title of this book and I knew it had to be a “must summer read” . It was one of those books I couldn’t put down . I read at home , on the train , on my way to the store , on the beach , even when I was on the phone with my guy friend who fits the description of some of Mr.Jaxon’s topics . I shared some insight with my friend and it made him ponder about the things I was sharing , yup , he really needs to read this book. I recommend this book to all those in , out or ready to start a relationship . The very first question they can ask themselves before going into a relationship I’ve learned after reading this book is ‘Are you Prepared, emotionally, physically , and psychologically for a relationship ? Operative word “Prepared”. Read this book and find out for yourself . Best of luck in all your endeavors Mr. Jaxon , you have given me a new platform to explore before jumping in a new and healthy relationship . God Bless You ! Oh wait I forgot to mention That I referred to you as my Boo Boo Bear in my mind as I read and shared your insight on Self -Love with my friend . It was a private joke in my mind , he didn’t get it 🤣but I knew where that was coming from 👍🏼
  • Don’t Forget Your Crown... Review

    My sister recommended this book to me about two years ago and I just now read it. But I wish I would have read the book when she first told me because now every relationship I been in has made sense to me now... And now I know how to recognize patterns and situations from a different point of view and see them for what it is... I recommend all women in the dating game to read this book first and it will help you in Life...
  • Wow.

    By Abreante'
    When I purchased this book I thought I was somehow going to walk away with the cheat code to understanding men. What I got was so much more valuable, a message about prioritizing self. The tone wasn’t preachy, condemning, or disingenuous which is quite refreshing. It’s an easy read and a quick read. I finished it in about 24 hours. I’m so glad it lived up to the hype!
  • Couldn’t put the book down!

    By Dainty Mina
    I purchased this book per a recommendation from a close friend & I am so glad I did! It had so many great little nuggets all from a genuine, relatable & personal perspective! I appreciated learning more about this gentleman as I usually catch his videos on Instagram here & there. Definitely will be recommending to others now ☺️