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The Complete Golden Retriever - Linda Whitwam

The Complete Golden Retriever

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2018-05-03
  • Genre: Pets


The Golden Retriever Bestseller recommended by breeders AND owners!
“Superb handbook. A must-buy for any ‘Goldie’ owner – new or experienced. Contains everything you need to know, & more, for the care & health of your Golden Retriever,” NICHOLAS LOCK, BONSAVIOUR RETRIEVERS, UK
“Having been a golden breeder for 40 years I bought several copies to keep on hand to pass out to puppy buyers, but I now realize I need to buy more copies… This book is ideal for first time (and even experienced) golden owners, people who foster goldens, new golden breeders or exhibitors,” “HELEN DORRANCE, AKC BREEDER OF MERIT, TEXAS, USA
21 Golden Retriever breeders & trainers teach you how to raise & train these beautiful, intelligent dogs from Day 1 to old age.
This is Amazon's highest-rated Golden Retriever book with 100 high quality colour photos.
And part of the Canine Handbooks, The No.1 Dog Breed Series.
There's dozens of pages devoted to TRAINING & BEHAVIOUR: Speeding Up Housetraining & Crate Training, Obedience Training, Clicker Training, Collar & Leash, The Recall, Speak & Shush, Typical Golden Traits - & Dealing With Unwanted Behavior.
• What Every Goldie Owner Should Know • First Few Weeks, Step-by-Step • Socialisation & Exercise - How Much & How Often? • Understanding the Golden Retriever Mind • Neutering, Spaying & The Heat Cycle • A-Z on Golden Retriever Health • Avoiding & Dealing With Separation Anxiety • Feeding, incl. raw diet • Grooming • Rescue • Caring for Golden Oldies
There’s tons of advice on how to spot good & bad breeders & then choose a healthy pup with a good temperament.
“As a previous owner of Golden Retrievers now with a 7 month old bundle of energy, this book is the ideal handbook... Is this book useful? The honest answer is a resounding YES,” MR D. WELLER, UK
“A confidence builder of a book! Even though I have previously trained a wonderful Golden Retriever who passed away recently, I have felt anxious about the upcoming adoption of another puppy. This book has not only given me great advice, but also renewed confidence in my abilities to welcome, train, and enjoy life with a new companion. I recommend it highly," MICHAEL KELPE, USA
“I bought this after reading the other great reviews, and was not disappointed. Our puppy arrives in 2 weeks and I feel much better prepared having read just some of this book! I'm sure the book will be a valuable resource for years to come, as the chapters on health and Golden Oldies look great too,” HOLLY, UK
“This book has been my bible in terms of learning the do's and dont's of puppy care! I have my first puppy and this book is full of useful and relevant information. I use it as a resource daily. Highly recommend for a first time puppy owner,” MOMMY5, USA