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Never Play Dead - Tomi Lahren

Never Play Dead

By Tomi Lahren

  • Release Date: 2019-07-02
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 3.5
From 45 Ratings


Stop thinking about who you might offend and start thinking about who you might inspire.

Fans are always asking Tomi Lahren where she gained the confidence and candor that have made her who she is: a celebrated free-speech advocate, a conservative media star, and one of the most controversial pundits in America.

In Never Play Dead, Tomi cheers on anyone, especially other young women willing to speak their minds. She takes readers on a tour of the internet trolls, political correctness police, campus activists, and condescending elites who never pass up a chance to quash honest debate. And she skewers the self-esteem movement that ironically discourages people from speaking up for themselves.

She tells the story of how she worked her way out of South Dakota to television fame in LA, surviving social isolation, a truly terrible boyfriend, and awful workplaces. Along the way, she was tempted to follow everyone’s advice to keep quiet and bide her time, but she never did.

This comes at a cost. Any time Tomi posts a video or sends out a tweet, it makes headlines. A video of a stranger throwing a glass of ice water at her and her parents went viral, and the president tweeted about it. She was fired at The Blaze because she wouldn’t toe the party line. However, it’s fine to lose followers as long as you never lose yourself. Whether you’ve been told you’re not good enough by parents, lovers, frenemies, bad bosses, or social media, it’s time to take Lahren’s advice and fight back.

Free speech isn’t just saying what you want; it’s hearing what you don’t want to hear. Never Play Dead teaches you to shed your fear, find your inner strength, speak the truth, and never let the haters get you down.


  • Great book

    By kaela30
    I loved the book and hearing some of Tomi’s back story. I’ve always looked up to Tomi and aspire to me a strong mentor to other females like she has been for me. Well done Tomi! It was a great read and written very well.
  • i did not like the book

    By ididnotlikethisbook
    the book was bad.
  • ugh

    By bdbyfrfr
    this did not change my opinion about tomi, still dislike this homophobe. i wish i could get those minutes back.
  • So honest

    By Malena4991!
    Truly love the honesty and the way you love America.
  • I wish everyone would read this book

    By Relyonreviews
    Tomi says it like it is. She is so incredibly intelligent and well spoken. She is 100% authentic and admirable. The masses of people really need to start educating themselves on politics and a healthy mindset and this book could really help if people didn’t have such closed minds. I really recommend this book as a must read for everyone!! She’s amazing.
  • I read the sample

    By syd44723
    Can’t get those minutes back.
  • Ice

    By miggie projct
  • Crap

    By cjack828
    A crap book written by a crappy person.
  • Must read for everyone!

    By Sam Felt
    Even if you hate her politics I encourage you to read this book. Never Play Dead will resonate with everyone on some level and although we all have our differences, we also experience some of the same struggles. Don’t write this off just because you disagree with her politically, it’s a must read for all!
  • This book is garbage

    By Sterling.T10
    Don’t waist your time or your money.