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Daily Dishonesty - Lauren Hom

Daily Dishonesty

By Lauren Hom

  • Release Date: 2014-09-02
  • Genre: Humor


A colorful compendium of little white lies, based on the award-winning, “bitingly honest” blog (Imprint).
From the diet you’re going to start tomorrow to that call you were about to make when something (anything) else came up—life is full of little lies that get us through the day. With Daily Dishonesty, designer and blogger Lauren Hom pays homage to the (mostly) innocent foibles that make us human.
With 150+ hilariously common lies, beautifully illustrated by Hom, Daily Dishonesty touches on topics from breakups, friendship, and growing up to slacking off and guilty pleasures, in hand-lettered mantras that are all too honest about our untruths.
Praise for the Daily Dishonesty blog
“Simply wonderful!” —SwissMiss
“Cleverly and adorably displays lies.” —Complex Magazine
“Really inspiring for those of you who want to dabble in hand lettering.” —Miss Moss