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Wheat Belly 30-Minute Summary William Davis - Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health - The Summary Guy

Wheat Belly 30-Minute Summary William Davis - Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

By The Summary Guy

  • Release Date: 2018-02-20
  • Genre: Study Aids


Wheat Belly - A Complete Summary - Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

Doctor William Davis is one of the most articulate, fundamental truth, and also genuinely witty personalities of our day.  “Wheat Belly, Total Wellness” puts this on full display for the whole globe to see. When reading through this particular book, I could feel that the passion which Dr. Davis has for this topic is actually more powerful than it’s ever been. He truly stepped up his game to a higher level this time around with a little more pep in his step as well as with greater urgency than what he did in WHEAT BELLY. The time to absorb the information that is going to change your life is NOW, and that’s precisely what you’ll get in this particular book.
In “Wheat Belly”, Dr. William Davis, a protective cardiologist, assists us in comprehending the multi-faceted, common and far-reaching issues with the so-called “staff of life” that has become master of the landscape of food in the United States. He walks the reader through the background of the wheat plant, from its roots as an historic grain to its present state as a modern day, ubiquitous, genetically altered franked-food. He handles the distinction between hybridization of numerous plants that can result in completely healthy foods to eat, a la Gregory Mendel and his pea plants, versus the hybridization behavior of wheat which acts in a very different way.  He concludes that these modern hybridizations may be at the cause of most of the difficulties with contemporary wheat. 

Dr. Davis also writes about the actual genetic customization of wheat. In addition, he clarifies “the unusual oversight in the flurry of breeding activity. . .which was [that], despite spectacular transformation in the hereditary makeup of wheat and other vegetation, no animal or human security screening was conducted on the new hereditary traces which were produced.”

Medical professional Dr. Davis helps us realize a few of the main variations between the physiological reactions to wheat as we eat it versus additional grains, carbohydrates and additional sugars. It’s Dr. Davis’ opinion that the unique framework of wheat’s complicated carb makeup, 75% amylopectin and also 25% amylose, could be the major contributor to the blood sugar dis-regulation triggered distinctively through wheat and wheat-containing products. Even though we may eat additional complicated carbohydrate-rich foods which also result in blood sugar spikes, the reaction to wheat is actually more severe and much more challenging.

Whilst Dr. Davis spends the first part of the guide creating an argument against wheat because of its high blood-sugar as well as diabetes-promoting results, he goes on to describe how wheat is at the heart of nearly all other forms systemic break down as well. 

There's a nearly limitless list of body functions, tissues and processes which are adversely affected by wheat, and Davis identifies many of them along with exactly how these types of difficulties occur. He clarifies exactly how ill-health resulting from wheat consumption isn't all about gluten, and also identifies the head-to-toe damage to one’s health that can ensue upon use of this particular modern-day wonder of technology. He also provides case-studies of numerous sufferers who presented with signs and symptoms apparently not related to diet plan, or so they thought. Many of these case-studies supply persuasive, first-hand testimony of how life-changing merely eliminating particular foods from the diet can be.

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