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GTD with Things 3 - Eric A. Bowers

GTD with Things 3

By Eric A. Bowers

  • Release Date: 2017-05-18
  • Genre: Reference
Score: 4
From 83 Ratings


If you’re looking forward to using Cultured Code’s Things 3 in a very effective way, then 
“GTD with Things 3” may be just what you’re looking for. This book is a guided workflow walk-through of Cultured Code’s “Things” (ver. 3.0) app, while integrating the principles and structure set forth in David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” book.  

“GTD with Things 3” shows you how to :
Structure large projects
• Use a repeating “weekly review” workflow
• Organize your goals… and much more.

With plenty of screen shots and user-friendly language, this guide will aid in the development of your own holistic approach to life-management in an un-complicated way, using the all new version of the “Things” app!


  • Great guide to help get started.

    By Fmsjicloud
    This was a great read and very practical. It helped me get running much quicker. Well gotta run and get some things done. Best wishes to all.
  • My BIBLE on applying GTD

    By Highliter1990
    Loved this read, worth every penny. Simple, short, clear, instructive, and very articulate. I set mine up line for line by the book and realized I was learning the GTD method even better than before. Then put your own style on it and rock it! Thank you
  • Well worth the measly price

    By Eric998877
    Things 3 is so incredibly easy to just start using that I hesitated buying this book. WIth that out of the way, do yourself a favor and just buy it. It’s a super quick read, but if you aren’t familiar with GTD this will give you a very high level overview. More importantly it will give you an excellent structure to begin organizing yourself inside Things. Along the way I even learned about a couple of features that make Things even more incredible for me, like repeating projects.
  • A must-read for Things users!

    By fantomcheung
    If you use things, you definitely should get this book!
  • Great GTD Workflow for Things 3

    By BaronVonClack
    I tried to click with Things 2 years ago, but I could not get it to click with GTD which has been an invaluable workflow for me. With Things 3 coming out, I happened to see this book pass me on my twitter feed and picked it up! It’s a fantastic from the ground up how to implement GTD in Things 3 with everything explained clearly! Screenshots, lists, and processes are all clearly defined here. GTD is even explaned pretty clearly to the point that i’d say even if you havent read Getting Things Done, you’d get a pretty great primer with this book. If GTD is your workflow and you’re looking at giving Things 3 a try, i’d say this is requred reading. The only slightly negative (not enough to knock the score) is due to the fact the book hasent been updated since launch. Cultured Code just added the ability to do repeating tasks, which was not avaialble when Things 3 launched, therefore the book gives you an alternate way to do repating tasks. This was great when Things 3 came out, but i’d love for new users coming in now to get that little piece updated.
  • Quick and to the point

    By JJM01930
    Quick, easy read with everything you need to get started using Things with GTD. As the author states, you should have a basic idea of how to use the app, as well as the system. My only disappointment was the Chapter (paragraph) on "doing". I would have liked to see more on workflows, other than simply "starting with today, and moving to contexts". Other than that, the book clearly explains combining the two systems.
  • Great for Professionals and Students

    By StudyGuru3
    One of the biggest challenges of using an app to run your day to day life is actually remembering to utilize it every day. The app alone is great; however, having someone walk you through the initial setup is priceless for long-term productivity. GTD with Things 3 does just that. The author doesn’t simply give you instructions on how to use the features; that's what the manual is for. The book gives clear examples of how use features, how to personalize your experience with the app. The initial setup will make you want to use the app on the daily basis without feeling overwhelmed.
  • A great resource for GTD / Things newbies…vets

    By EasterAries
    Bowers lowers the already-low barrier to entry for GTD and Things. Whether you’re interested in implementing an easy and effective productivity workflow that works for you with the best software available, or a GTD aficionado looking to take advantage of all Things 3 offers, this book is for you. And at an incredibly fair price!