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Duke of Manhattan - Louise Bay

Duke of Manhattan

By Louise Bay

  • Release Date: 2017-05-16
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 395 Ratings


I was born into British aristocracy, but I've made my fortune in Manhattan. New York is now my kingdom.

Back in Britain my family are fighting over who's the next Duke of Fairfax. The rules say it's me--if I'm married. It's not a trade-off worth making. I could never limit myself to just one woman.

Or so I thought until my world is turned upside down. Now, the only way I can save the empire I built is to inherit the title I've never wanted-- so I need a wife.

To take my mind off business I need a night that's all pleasure. I need to bury myself in a stranger.

The skim of Scarlett King's hair over my body as she bends over . . .

The scrape of her nails across my chest as she screams my name . . .

The bite of her teeth on my shoulder just as we both reach the edge . . .

It all helps me forget.

I just didn't bargain on finding my one night stand across the boardroom table the next day.

She might be my latest conquest but I have a feeling Scarlett King might just conquer me.

A standalone, contemporary romance.

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  • Ryder and Scarlett are too perfect together

    By lovely music
    I really enjoyed reading this love story. It was quirky and fun and interesting all at once. There were other characters that added to the story line in a great way that just made this romantic tale more exciting. It's a great read.
  • Scarlett andRyder.

    By Nycolabear
    Loved this story between Scarlett and Ryder. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. The story is well written and kept my interest every step of the way. Can't wait to read all the other books.
  • The Duke Stole My Heart ❤️❤️❤️

    By Cindy M. Green
    First of all, can we please talk about this book cover. Now, I love seeing sexy abs on a hot, alpha male just as much as the next woman, but there is something even more enticing about a hot, alpha male in a beautifully tailored suit! Isn't it fun to imagine what hotness lies underneath those clothes?!?! Okay, enough about the cover... Scarlett and Ryder. Their names sound so perfect together you can only hope that means the same for a relationship between them. Scarlett still feels the effects of a divorce she was blindsided by. She takes this sad energy and focuses on her career, needing to prove something to herself and her ex-husband. Although things in her business are going extremely well, her dating life is anything but ideal. Her sister convinces her to let lose and have a one-night stand, what could it hurt, right?!?! Ryder can't believe when he's in a meeting the next morning that Scarlett turns out to be the one he has business dealings with. The funny thing is, Ryder is used to one-night stands but for some reason this feels different and he's happy to see Scarlett. The more he gets to know her, the more he realizes she is not like the other woman he's been with. Ryder finds himself in a sticky situation with his family estate and the only way to save his company and inherit everything he's worked so hard for is to get married. But, is Ryder really the marrying type?!?! The two get to know each other and the chemistry you feel between them is OFF.THE.CHARTS. Their feisty banter only adds to the intense attraction they feel towards one another. Ryder has a plan and proposition for Scarlett, but can she really go through with it after the heartache she suffered after her first marriage coming to and end?!? Louise does a great job of pulling you into the story, you can't get enough and the characters come to life! Their attraction for each other catches them both off guard and that makes the journey all the more fun! This is my favorite book from Louise. She totally delivered here and I could not get enough of Ryder and Scarlett. Loved, loved, loved the Duke ❤️ Please do yourself a favor and one-click!
  • The Duke and his Duchess

    By Tasha0508
    My Duke. I officially claim Ryder Westerbury as my new 📚 boyfriend!! Scarlett was trying to prove her ex husband wrong. She was NOT boring. He was to be her happily ever after. They were suppose to grow old together. He apparently had other plans. He didn't want to stay with her and called her boring to get out of it. Ryder was a very charming and charismatic man. He has a deep love of family (well of grandfather and Darcy) and for his company. If he wanted the title he would have to get married. Yeah that was a negative.....until he needed to get married to save his company which in turn would save Scarlett's. This marriage was to be fake. They weren't suppose to feel things. This wasn't suppose to be real. I've always wanted to know Scarlett's story. Ryder was the her perfect for her. He let her give up control (that was just soooooo HOT)! He let her just be her. The grandfather was sweet. He saw things that they were not ready to see. Darcy and Violet was perfect as side characters for both Ryder and Scarlett. Aurora I just felt was written in to just to be there. She didn't really serve a purpose for me. Fred-a-d**k was just weird. Another great story from Louise Bay! I hope and 🙏🏾 that Violet and Darcy get their own story! I received a feer copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
  • 4 big stars for Ryder and Scarlett

    By Kaswilli
    I love books that have both POVs of the main characters! It makes it more fun to read! Ryder and Scarlett were great together. I really liked Ryder. He was slowly changing through out the book but in a subtle way. He was just living his life and slowly it started to change. I enjoyed reading that part of this book. Scarlett had it rough after her divorce and just needed a little push to move on with her life. She was quick and funny and spoke her mind. **spoiler** There were times when the book went to fast and skipped things. I wish we could have read about their wedding. I think it would have made the book a little better. However, I enjoyed reading this book. I love Louise Bays writing and can't wait for her next book!
  • Love

    By Book obsessed 33
    I love this series! The characters are wonderful and I can't wait for Violet's happily ever after! While you don't have to read the first two books first, I suggest reading them in order. Definitely recommend!!
  • This Book Needs 10 Stars

    By Chadswife06
    I should know not to open one of Louise Bay's book at night because I stayed up until I finished! Love Ryker and Scarlett, you can feel their chemistry.
  • My Favorite New York Royalty So Far

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    What's a duke to do when he finds himself in need of a duchess? Just one in name only, mind you, long enough to secure his empire, and keep things just the way that they are, thank you very much. If it's Ryder Westbury, Duke of Fairfax, and New York royalty, he seeks solace in the arms of an unknown lovely, and vows to think about it tomorrow. Scarlett King, sister of the the Max King, is a capable businesswoman in her own right, but those pesky loans coming due are making the future look a little less than bright. Add to that the fact that she can't find a man that keeps her interest for more than one date, and, well, a girls' night out seems just the thing to take her mind off things. Who knew that a one night stand could change two lives so completely? Oh, my gosh, this book. I'm pretty sure that I say that each successive man in Louise Bay's books is my favorite, but Ryder Westbury has literally stolen the crown. Funny, sexy, and unabashedly single, the last thing on Ryder's mind is getting married and settling down, even if it's the only way to keep the family estate in the capable hands of his sister, and his business in his own hands. What to do, what to do? Enter one Scarlett King. I cannot express how much I love Scarlett. She's had a less than stellar experience at love, and is pretty sure that she's never going to meet another man that will make her heart sing. She's hardly expecting that a passionate night with the über-sexy Ryder Westbury will change the course of her life. But, oh, how he does. These two are perfect for each other. Ryder, playboy player that he is, has a kind heart, a deep love of his family, and just the right amount of snark to keep things interesting. Scarlett is more than able to hold her own with him, and her sass, sparkle, and innate kindness show Ryder just what he's been missing. Louise's books have long been some of my favorites, but I can easily say that DUKE OF MANHATTAN is leading the pack, and definitely one of my top romantic reads of 2017. There is not one bit of this story that I did not find myself loving, and getting to see old friends and favorites made it even more enjoyable. I know a book is a winner when I find myself saying, 'I am just absolutely loving reading this!' over and over again, and when I can't put it down. DUKE OF MANHATTAN wins on both counts, and I couldn't recommend it more. 5 sexy, sweet, HEA stars for Scarlett and Ryder. If you're a fan of Louise, you truly don't want to miss this one, and, if you don't know Louise Bay and her writing yet, this one will make you a fan for sure.
  • I love a Duke!

    By Sher77M
    Louise Bay just set my Kindle on FIRE!!!!! The Duke of Manhattan was brilliant! Ryder, in line to be the next Duke of Fairfax, has one small obstacle.........Sorry! No spoilers! He's a sinfully delicious playboy. He likes his single ways. Sophisticated and charming, he has his pick of women, and doesn't see a need to change. What's a Duke to do?! Scarlett King is a business woman who has no luck on the dating scene after her divorce. She's stuck in a rut, but hasn't given up on love. One chance meeting. One sensual encounter. Or so they thought. Brought together by a business transaction that meets the needs of both, the two characters begin a journey that set the pages on fire! Ryder and Scarlett were electric. Their sexual encounters are what fans of romance beg for. But, what I really enjoyed was the passion. The Duke is a romantic. Who knew? And he does it well!!!! Oh yeah, he's a lil dirty too. This is a beautifully written story with the hotness factor readers are looking for! This book has something for everyone. I highly recommend it! You had me at Duke, Louise Bay!!!! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    By Dmarie2980
    This book reaffirms why it is that Louise Bay is by far one of my favorite authors. Her characters never fail to have every quality that delivers a brilliant storyline, Ryder Westbury and Scarlett King are absolutely not the exception. I just finished reading this book not 5 minutes ago, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so big. "Whatever it is that you're afraid of, I'll stand between you and it my whole life." Seriously?! My heart panged when I read this line. I felt all giddy and swoony as if he had said it to me. It's ridiculous, really. I mean how can you fall in love with a fictional character? HA! For real though, this book had it all, laughter, a little sadness and a lot of HOLY HOT SEX! I also loved that I got to catch up with the whole gang in to epilogue. Well done Ms. Bay, I'm impressed.