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Practical Photoshop CC 2014 Level 2 - Donald Laird

Practical Photoshop CC 2014 Level 2

By Donald Laird

  • Release Date: 2014-12-31
  • Genre: Computers


Co-authored by community college instructors with many years of experience teaching Adobe Photoshop both in the classroom and online. This book picks up where Practical Photoshop Level 1 leaves off, and continues to provide you with the knowledge you need to take your use of the industry-standard image editing application to the next level. It includes 17 chapters of Guided Exercises and Case Studies that will walk you through intermediate-level features of this very complex program: 
• Camera Raw 
• The Filter Gallery 
• Converting between grayscale and color 
• Saving files for Web use 
• Using actions to batch process files 
• Understanding file formats 
• Working with channels and masks 
° The differences between layers, channels, and masks 
° Using layer masks 
° The power of clipping masks 
• Working with vector elements 
° Vectors vs. pixels 
° Shape layers and their options 
° Type tools and formatting