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After - Anna Todd


By Anna Todd

  • Release Date: 2014-10-21
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 8,292 Ratings


Now newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd’s After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the Internet’s most talked-about book for yourself!

There was the time before Tessa met Hardin, and then there’s everything AFTER... Life will never be the same. #Hessa

Tessa is a good girl with a sweet, reliable boyfriend back home. She’s got direction, ambition, and a mother who’s intent on keeping her that way.

But she’s barely moved into her freshman dorm when she runs into Hardin. With his tousled brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos, and lip ring, Hardin is cute and different from what she’s used to.

But he’s also rude—to the point of cruelty, even. For all his attitude, Tessa should hate Hardin. And she does—until she finds herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark mood grabs her, and when they kiss it ignites within her a passion she’s never known before.

He’ll call her beautiful, then insist he isn’t the one for her and disappear again and again. Despite the reckless way he treats her, Tessa is compelled to dig deeper and find the real Hardin beneath all his lies. He pushes her away again and again, yet every time she pushes back, he only pulls her in deeper.

Tessa already has the perfect boyfriend. So why is she trying so hard to overcome her own hurt pride and Hardin’s prejudice about nice girls like her?

Unless…could this be love?


  • Was good, and kept you wondering

    By usanikki6
    Buuut the 4 stars is the fact that parts were dragged out for much longer than they should have been.. I get it was for dramatic effect but I just wanted to get the answers.. maybe that’s just me though 🤷🏼‍♀️ I did still love it and bought the sequel!
  • I read this book on wattpad so You should know that I’m and og

    By heyitskiana
    Love this book
  • Amazing even the second time around.

    By CoheedLvr666
    After watching the movie “After” on Netflix, I was hooked. I needed to know what was going to happen next, and couldn’t wait for the next movie. I’m not much of a reader at all, but that didn’t stop me from buying all 4 books. I read all 4 within a week. I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, cried, and felt heartache as if their pains happened to me. So much heartache. As soon as I finished all 4, I watched the movie again. Fast forward a few months, the cycle repeated. I watched the movie again, simply because I missed it. Which in turn caused me to, once again, read the series all the way through. I just finished the last book, and it was if I didn’t read it before. I felt every emotion again. The laughs, the pain, the tears and heartache. But now that I’ve finished, tomorrow I plan on watching the movie once more as I did the first time. As I mentioned, I’m not much of a reader, but this series was seriously amazing. It got a person who doesn’t read, hooked and wanting to read more. The author, Anna Todd, has a way with words; she’s an amazing writer. I have struggled to find another series to read that captured my attention the way this has. I will constantly keep a look out for anything else she publishes. The only thing that hurt the most, was the time spent apart. I get it though, she needed to find herself. And he needed to find himself as well, in a different manner. But I felt like I missed out on so much in their lives. It felt rushed. I wanted to know if they got married, and how it went. How it was for them during their pregnancies. I would LOVE if another book was released to give us that. But if it’s meant to leave the reader to their imagination, I’ve never been good at that. Which is why I never read, but I try regardless. Overall, I personally give this series a 10/10. I’m sure I’ll end up reading it all the way through again in the future. There were A LOT of ups and downs, but isn’t that life?
  • Amazing book loved it

    By malwolf
    I had watched the movie about 10 times and finally realized that there was a book so I decided to read it and I do not regret that it was so amazing the best book that I have ever read I fell in love with all the characters and watched them grow as the books progress and Hardin does treat Tessa bad but he learns which made me fall in love with this book and the passion between these two were like no other book I have ever read I give this book rating a infinity/10
  • Good read but horrible relationship

    By Ren217
    I first saw the movie on Netflix and want to what it was all about. I enjoyed reading this book but similar to 50 shades the relationship that is shown between the main characters is messed up. I just hope young readers don’t think this is #relationshipgoals. Hardin is a total douche IMO and no body should idolize their relationship. I hope readers take it as a good read and that’s it. Seeing how other reviewers praise the love story is disturbing. This is dysfunction at it’s finest and shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. Most people know that you’ll always have a connection with the person who you lost your virginity to but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with that person. I’m guessing they get back together which is baffling. People can experience passion in a loving and healthy relationship and shouldn’t think that toxic = passion. It’s the classic good girl falls for the bad boy. Bottom line, I hope other readers see it for what it is and don’t strive for something like it. That being said I will more than likely read the next book out of morbid curiosity to see what happens next.
  • Best Book Romance

    By R14456645
    Everything is perfect the way they are so different but still the same. The way is so real. Thats how a real relationship forms. With all the up and downs. With all the Passion and love. Really could not put this book down!!
  • :(

    By Nily1001
    I began reading this after watching the movie version and am pretty disappointed. Harden emotionally abuses Tess throughout the entire book to an extremity that I don’t think any woman should put up with. The author is an amazing writer but wow... I really wish she would have portrayed harden in a different way or maybe did chapters from his POV. Typically, when reading these types of books you eventually fall in love with the “bad boy” but not in this one.
  • Gabrillee love

    By Gabrillee
  • love the after series

    By celisaa
    After is so much different from the movie; 100/10.
  • The most amazing thrilling romance book!

    By Z.oë
    I found myself wandering here after watching the movie and I can’t put into words how amazing this book is. I would read the book a million times over rather than watching the movie