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Energy Security - iMinds

Energy Security

By iMinds

  • Release Date: 2010-10-23
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance


Learn about Energy Security with iMinds Money's insightful fast knowledge series. 

Since the industrial revolution the consumption of relatively inexpensive energy has become vital to the functioning of the world economy and modern society. Energy production that is heavily reliant on fossils fuels sourced from an increasingly concentrated number of countries leaves economies highly vulnerable to energy security threats. Energy security can be defined as the availability of energy at all times in various forms, in sufficient quantities, and at reasonable and/or affordable prices. 

More recently the acceptability of available energy sources with regard to environmental sustainability has also emerged as a factor in energy security. This security can be threatened in the short term through the political instability of the several major energy producing countries, the manipulation of energy supplies, competition over energy sources, attacks on supply infrastructure and accidents and natural disasters. Concerns have also been raised over the long term ability of fossil fuels to supply the world’s increasing demand for energy. In response to their increasing vulnerability governments around the world have formulated policy to improve the security of energy supplies. 

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