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Ashes of Her Love - Pierre Alex Jeanty

Ashes of Her Love

By Pierre Alex Jeanty

  • Release Date: 2019-08-12
  • Genre: Poetry
Score: 4.5
From 730 Ratings


After the burning blaze of a failed relationship, she is often left alone to deal with the smoking aftermath. Best-selling author Pierre Alex Jeanty helps to bring clarity and understanding to the countless women who are faced with the reality of heartbreak. Ashes of Her Love exposes the fire for what it truly was, and encourages women to drown out the embers that threaten to reignite. With this book, women are inspired to free themselves from the weight of dead relationships, find freedom in walking away, and are empowered to stay away and avoid the reoccurring cycle of heartache. If you’re in a dying relationship, walking away from a terrible love story, learning to put what is no longer good in the past, Ashes of Her love is the fire you need to turn the pages and start writing a new love story. The ending is just the beginning…



    By Joserodd99
    i loved absolutely everything it made me cry, feel joy and so many other emotions!
  • Ashes of her love

    By tyeceshaw
    OMG THAT WAS THE BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ IN ALL OF MY 34 YEARS OF LIVING!!!! I hope my goosebumps end up going away!!! I read the whole book within 30 minutes and had goosebumps the whole entire book. My heart feels so happy. What an amazing beautiful book!
  • Felt like I was reading about myself

    By Alexandria Harland
    Any woman who has gone through heartbreak should read this.... 100%
  • This book here omg

    By kupkake2013
    God works in mysterious Waze I am so happy that I went across this book I am going to share with every woman that I know that is Bunkerhill this book is amazing I promise you as of today June 3, 2020 my life is about to change because I’m about to sacrifice and change things that I should have a long time ago I think God for his book and for the Ater gave us hope thank you Sincerely Lafreda batey the cupcake boss @dbkupkakejarz iG
  • Ashes of love

    By Carmel bronze
    Absolutely amazing❤️
  • 5 Stars

    By SLF_88
    Wow!!! This is soooooo great!!! Every single page I turned, I felt on every level. On point 🎯
  • Ashes of her love

    By Bauavja
    I loved this short book a lot. Read it in about a half hour
  • Ashes of her Love

    By 17Blanka93
    Amazing book! So happy I read it. Every woman should read this.
  • ❤️

    By AshKashh$$$
    best book ever !
  • Ashes of her love

    By toriMichAck98
    I don’t read often but this was an amazing book!! I love that it was a short book and it kept me interested. I read the whole book in 40 mins to an hour :)