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Taking His Shot - Kendall Ryan

Taking His Shot

By Kendall Ryan

  • Release Date: 2020-06-09
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 708 Ratings


A hot new standalone in the series that's been called  "A total, utter must read." - Book Fanatic

She says she doesn’t date players.

She swears up and down that she’ll never handle my stick.

We’ll see about that, sweetheart.

When I win the pleasure of Harper’s company at a charity auction, I get exactly one date—one shot to win over the gorgeous and feisty brunette.

Game on. I play hard, and I love a challenge.
But just when I think I’ve finally carved out my shot . . . a huge secret implodes around us, threatening everything we’ve built.


  • Book #7

    By brittanybruce
    I want there to be more to this series! I would love to read a second book to each couples story!
  • Charming

    By Jortiz87
    This was a cute love story. Not a lot of steamy scenes, but it was more of a quality than quantity situation. Jordie is completely loveable as a reviving bad boy that is ready to find someone of substance, and Harper is your typical make him work for it kinda girl. I laughed and felt the all the feels.
  • Amazing way to end a series

    By Bb333333333332
    I fell in love with Jordie! I don’t think I have ever laughed out loud while reading a book but I did multiple times for this book. Kendall is an amazing writer and I seriously cannot put her books down. This book is right there with the rest.
  • Taking His Shot

    By Ms. Jessie
    The last book in the series of Hot Jocks. It’s another great book, I loved this series. Jordie and Harper had chemistry from the beginning, Jordie being the rookie on the hockey team won a date and with Harper who doesn’t date hockey players. A dumb thing Jordie and some teammates did almost cost him what he’s always wanted. If you haven’t read it do
  • Perfect Wrap-Up For A Well-Loved Series

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    So, TAKING HIS SHOT. The final story in the Hot Jocks series by author Kendall Ryan. I have to say, I was a little bit surprised by this book. Oh, I knew that I would like it, because Kendall's hockey players have wormed their way into my romance-loving heart, but I wasn't too sure about Jordie. Even though we'd met and liked him in earlier books, at first glance, here he comes across as another one of those guys. You know, immature, typical jock, player, skirt-chaser...but what a heart-melter he turned out to be. And Harper. Harper is not going down without a fight. As the daughter of the team coach, she has had a long-standing rule about not dating players. And she was hanging tough, but the more she discovers about Jordie, the more they open up to each other, the harder it is for her to stay true to her decision. TAKING HIS SHOT is emotional, passionate, and heartfelt, and shows just how far Jordie is willing to go to get his love. Harper doesn't stand a chance, and neither did I. What a great finish to a well-loved series. I will miss these boys, and can't wait to see what Kendall has in store for us next. ❤️
  • The End of the Hot Jocks!

    By Lilly428**
    How? How is this the end of the Hot Jocks?! I knew it was book 7 but it still makes me sad. I've grown with these guys! Not really but I have gotten wrapped up into their lives. Harper doesn't date players, period. She's met enough of them over her lifetime that she is not going to be some puck bunny nor a notch on a goal. And really, who could blame her? So she meets Jordie ready to reject his advances. He's too hot, too cocky and just too there. Jordie isn't like the other Hot Jocks. I love them all but he's definitely different - except for being a bit of a bonehead. He knew immediately that he wanted to invest the effort into getting to know Harper, he just needed to break down her walls or at least crack them. I'm sad but so happy for each of these couples who I'm sure I will read again!
  • Loving the continuation of this series!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Loving the continuation of this series! Doing a favor for her father and filling in at a charity event for the hockey team, Harper is determined to complete the task as fast as possible. As a child, she has been reluctant to do anything involving the sport, especially dating any players. Jordie has been the rookie player for the team for a few years, and has found that the player days are past him. When he sees Harper and realizes she’s the coach’s daughter, he hesitates, but is dying to get to know her. In combination, he ends up getting involved in a bet with another player about getting Harper to fall for him. As Jordie works to break down Harper’s walls, he finally gets his chance when she agrees to date, and as they get to know each other, the chemistry continues to grow and feelings get stronger. But when Harper finds out about the bet, after she has let him in and given him a chance, it puts their entire relationship at risk. I loved Harper and Jordie’s journey especially after the pasts the pair have. I was so happy they got their HEA and can’t wait for the next installment in this series! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Loved this Reluctant to find love in all the wrong places!

    By Ashel05
    Really, Really enjoyed Jordie & Harper! Reluctant romance Harper, swears she’ll never date a hockey player. Hockey player hottie, Jordie, wants a shot with her! Loved this story! The plot, the characters, the humor. The heattt!!!! Loved it!
  • Total Miss

    By Kantexan
    Kendall’s books are either really good or really bad. This one is really bad. The characters have the mentality of 14 year olds. The dialogue between the two is weak, bland, and childish.
  • The Best Yet!!!!

    By Crystal's Book World
    Jordie and Harper's story was the cake topper in this series. I loved the Hot Jocks previous books and fell so hard for each character. But with out beloved rookie, he needed some hard love to push him to his limits and true potential. Harper was a fireball. I loved her and knew that she was destined for Jordie. You do not get hearts and flowers right away. These characters are stubborn and need to take a minute to realize what they both want. I was ok with that as I loved every moment it took to get there. Taking His Shot was simply the best! I am sad to say goodbye to this series, but loved how it all unfolds with the end.