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Addicted To Pain - Rainie Howard

Addicted To Pain

By Rainie Howard

  • Release Date: 2016-04-18
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4.5
From 22 Ratings


The obsession of a toxic or abusive relationship can have the same enticement as drugs or alcohol. The pattern echoes time and time again: a new significant other draws you into a new relationship that starts off loving and alluring only to develop into a hurtful or abusive cycle. People who have a healthy understanding of “true love” do not tolerate this kind of pain. He or she will move on in search of a healthier bond. 

It’s an unhealthy view on love that will rationalize the toxic behavior and cling to abusive relationships long after they should have ended. Like any other addiction those hooked on a toxic love and an emotionally abusive relationship; have no control over excessive urges to text, call, manipulate or beg for love, attention and affection. They want help. They want to end the pain and recover, but it’s just like trying to shake a drug habit.

Ranked one of the top bestseller abusive relationship books, Addicted to Pain reveals the truths every woman needs to heal from a toxic relationship and return to a life rich with purpose and fulfillment. Relationship expert Rainie Howard writes this all-in-one spiritual guide to provide daily insight on toxic love addiction and a healing plan to help you recover from the overwhelming effects of an abusive relationship.

Learn how to get over a guy and heal from all abuse including:

The verbally abusive relationship
Emotionally abusive relationship
Spiritual and physical abusive relationship
Rainie has authored several books on relationships and is sought after as a conference speaker. If you’ve been seeking books for women and break up books to help you gain restoration from a separation, abusive relationship or divorce this is the book for you!


  • Get this book!

    By Kel-C7
    Amazing! Helped save my life!
  • Amazing

    By chelleywoo
    It was amazing it helped me through my situation I was in a very dark space to where I wanted to have hate in my heart and wanted to be spiteful it helped me to love me more and press on I thank you for this book 5 stars