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High Achiever - Tiffany Jenkins

High Achiever

By Tiffany Jenkins

  • Release Date: 2019-06-18
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 1,078 Ratings


NATIONAL BESTSELLER • An up-close portrait of the mind of an addict and a life unraveled by narcotics—a memoir of captivating urgency and surprising humor that puts a human face on the opioid crisis.
“Raw, brutal, and shocking. Move over, Orange Is the New Black.”—Amy Dresner, author of My Fair Junkie

When word got out that Tiffany Jenkins was withdrawing from opiates on the floor of a jail cell, people in her town were shocked. Not because of the twenty felonies she’d committed, or the nature of her crimes, or even that she’d been captain of the high school cheerleading squad just a few years earlier, but because her boyfriend was a Deputy Sherriff, and his friends—their friends—were the ones who’d arrested her.
A raw and twisty page-turning memoir that reads like fiction, High Achiever spans Tiffany’s life as an active opioid addict, her 120 days in a Florida jail where every officer despised what she’d done to their brother in blue, and her eventual recovery. With heart-racing urgency and unflinching honesty, Jenkins takes you inside the grips of addiction and the desperate decisions it breeds. She is a born storyteller who lived an incredible story, from blackmail by an ex-boyfriend to a soul-shattering deal with a drug dealer, and her telling brims with suspense and unexpected wit. But the true surprise is her path to recovery. Tiffany breaks through the stigma and silence to offer hope and inspiration to anyone battling the disease—whether it’s a loved one or themselves.


  • The best book ever!

    By courtneymarie26
    I hate reading, like absolutely hate it. But with this book I could not stop reading! I loved reading about her experience through her drug/alcohol addiction and how she made it through. If she relapsed after she was sober I got disappointed but I knew she’d made it through. I smiled at the end and my heart exploded with joy knowing she has a wonderful life❤️ I wish there was a second book!
  • High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins

    By phunkeee
    Whether you are an addict or not you can feel everything that Tiffany went through on this insane battle of addiction. It’s painful to read at times because she’s able to bring you in the moment of whatever she is going through and makes the addiction feel alive and real.
  • Amazing; I read this in 2 days because I couldn’t put it down

    By Sarahhhh273849482
    This book made me have even more respect for Tiffany. I can’t imagine the amount of courage she had to have to overcome everything she did, confront AND beat her demons, and then WRITE A BOOK for the world to read. She’s an amazing soul; I hope someday I can meet her. I can relate to her in some ways. Anyway, this book-each page, every chapter was so intriguing as she tells her story, I anticipated what would happen next. I literally couldn’t put my phone down. If I had to leave my boyfriend drove so I could focus on the book. She tells her life struggles and battle with addiction. She describes everything as if you’re in the room with her, watching her experience whatever it is that she’s going through at that time. I finished it in 2 days. After I finished, a suggestion for my next was “hustle and heart” by kailin..? (The teen mom girl). I read a sample-actually I read the whole sample-and could tell the book was going no where. It had no “story” as this book did. I immediately went back to write this review and am looking for another good book to dig my face in but, Tiffany, you’ve left some big shoes to fill. I’ll be on the search for another story as good as this one!
  • Amazing

    By StacyKids5
    Tiffany is an inspiration. This book is amazing had me laughing, crying I’m so proud of her. Makes me love her more. She does awesome videos, I love her on her podcast too. Keep doing what you do girl.
  • I couldn’t put the book down!

    By chelseachee
    Tiffany is such an inspiration to all of us. She has a way of telling her life story where you feel like you were apart of it. I honestly couldn’t put this book down. It’s so amazing to Agee how she has transformed herself. It’s worth way more then you pay!
  • What an inspiration

    By tammyannie w
    Wow here’s to a woman’s journey thru a life and hell and back. Brava keep up the great self work. I recommend this to everyone as a true understanding of knowing life is hard but the rewards are bountiful
  • Excellent Book!!

    By Jasusi0220
    This book is a very good read!! It was hard to put down!! If you’ve ever struggled with addiction you will definitely be able to relate with Tiifany! If you have never struggled with addiction reading this will help you to get a glimpse into what it’s like for an addict that is struggling with addiction! I absolutely loved this book!! Thank you Tiffany for sharing your story and writing this book!!
  • High Achiever

    By Blacktankscrafty
    Very well written and amazing story!
  • Perfect title and it shows how anyone can suffer from the disease of addiction.

    By Krys5580
    This book is amazing!!!! Beautifully written and beyond inspirational. It had me full on belly laughing and uncontrollably sobbing all on the same page. Could not put it down and finished it in a few hours. Slight depression when I was done, but now that I own it, I can just read it again. This is a book that I will share with anyone I know suffering from addiction, loving someone who is suffering from addiction, and people who don’t understand the disease of addiction, because that’s what it is, a disease. The whole book is great, but this one line stood out for me the most, “....addiction is not how my story is going to end.” Thank you Tiffany Jenkins for sharing your stories and experiences, and thank you to my higher power for having this book enter my life when I it needed it the most.
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Ld191919191
    Hands down the best book I’ve ever read. Read the whole thing in two days.