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Everyday Millionaires - Chris Hogan

Everyday Millionaires

By Chris Hogan

  • Release Date: 2019-01-07
  • Genre: Personal Finance
Score: 4.5
From 236 Ratings


Everywhere we turn, we hear negative financial news—that the American Dream is dead or that the little man can’t get ahead. Our culture feeds us the lie that it’s impossible to become a millionaire in America today, but it’s time you heard the truth.

In his newest book, Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth—and How You Can Too, Chris Hogan destroys millionaire myths that are keeping everyday people from achieving financial independence. Chris and the Ramsey research team surveyed over 10,000 US millionaires, discovering how these high-net-worth people reached their financial status. And the formula might surprise you.

Millionaire status doesn’t require inheriting a bunch of money or having a high-paying job. No. The path to becoming a millionaire is paved with more-ordinary tools—tools that you either already have or that you can learn. If you thought you could never become a millionaire, think again. Listen and learn from over 10,000 everyday millionaires who have done it and believe it’s possible for you too.


  • Dave Ramsey is Trash

    By MiddleRoad90
    Received the book as a gift. As soon as I saw the name Dave Ramsey in it, I knew it was garbage. Ramsey is a charlatan and untrustworthy. In 2012, after I uncovered and reported unethical activity by one of his “ELPs” (local resellers), he alerted his ELP and the ELP’s mother became hostile and publicly insulting towards me. It’s proof that Ramsey only cares about protecting his empire of wealth and will do so dishonesty without addressing unethical activity on behalf of his reseller. Ramsey nor any of his employees ever contacted me about the matter. But the most insulting aspect of Ramsey is wrapping himself in Bible scripture that for years has fooled thousands of his customers into thinking he shares those same values, which he does not.
  • Decent read

    By Jamie0210
    This book was decently entertaining, but if you’re a regular consumer of Chris, Dave Ramsey or Rachel Cruze’s content, it will feel like the same regurgitated information you’ve read in other books or heard on their podcasts. I found myself struggling to finish this out of boredom. If you are new to this world however, then disregard my above comment and enjoy!
  • Amazing Book!!

    By jwhit42
    I am currently 25 year old husband and father of 2 looking to turn my financial life around. I am not a reader but I figured I would give it a shot for my futures sake. I completed this book in 2 and a half days. Thank you Chris for writing this great book
  • Really good Book!

    By jarojero
    This book was very informational and helped me understand how to reach financial freedom!
  • Life changing

    By BellaFarrell
    Made me realize I don’t need to depend on a man. Hard work, and not playing the victim will get you a lot farther in life. ❤️🇺🇸👌🏼 Amazing
  • Storytime

    By mandy8716749/
    I was under the impression I would get good sound advice on things to do and not to do to achieve the millionaire status.. this was all just stories and “believe in yourself” stuff.. I don’t want to hear stories or to be told to believe in myself and ignore the nay-sayers.. I wanted to learn how to create a solid plan of action for myself..
  • Amazing

    By mopisgay
    Pure gold
  • One page bolk

    By diegarsad
    Extremely repetitive. Don’t claim you know the average American millionaire with less than .1% studied.
  • Eh, good but lackng

    By flugm
    This book left me wanting, and referred too much to Dave Ramsey’s materials (I like him, but I wanted more independence here). Out of a 119 page survey, probably 10% of the topics were presented here. Furthermore they are presented in a manner to drive a point to the reader. Ok, sure. It would have been fun to look at the stats that were more 50/50 in the survey, though.
  • Life Changing

    By joz1470
    Hi Chris, WOW!!!!!! I have learned a lot from this book at the age of 21!! I am so glad, I know how important money can be for the near in the future in life at an early age. In my generation, we have a lot debts, we don’t think ahead, don’t even think about or know about retirement is a thing, not being careful with the way how we spend our money and don’t want to save. This book changes up everything in life! I am going to change the way how l spend my money from now on and be consistent with putting 15% of the money out of my paycheck every month into my RIRA and keep one of my job that provides 401k as long as l can! Lol! I will grow on my saving! I am still working on saving enough money for a downpayment. Chris, this is an AMAZING Book I ever read before! “I hate reading so much and now this book just came out and l love it”!! I believe myself that I will become an millionaire someday!! I want to meet you someday in State College PA @BJC! # We are PSU