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The Rise of Magicks - Nora Roberts

The Rise of Magicks

By Nora Roberts

  • Release Date: 2019-11-26
  • Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 2,035 Ratings


The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Year One and Of Blood and Bone concludes her stunning new trilogy praised as “A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King’s The Stand.”

After the sickness known as the Doom destroyed civilization, magick has become commonplace, and Fallon Swift has spent her young years learning its ways. Fallon cannot live in peace until she frees those who have been preyed upon by the government or the fanatical Purity Warriors, endlessly hunted or locked up in laboratories, brutalized for years on end. She is determined to save even those who have been complicit with this evil out of fear or weakness—if, indeed, they can be saved.

Strengthened by the bond she shares with her fellow warrior, Duncan, Fallon has already succeeded in rescuing countless shifters and elves and ordinary humans. Now she must help them heal—and rediscover the light and faith within themselves. For although from the time of her birth, she has been The One, she is still only one. And as she faces down an old nemesis, sets her sights on the enemy’s stronghold, and pursues her destiny—to finally restore the mystical shield that once protected them all—she will need an army behind her…


  • Nora Roberts , the rise of magicks

    By Hell13Cas_R
    Loved this one the most. All good but this one was the most hopeful.
  • Where are you Nora?

    By Madocall
    I’m used tio reading thrillers from NR and loving them. This wasn’t one of them. It felt rushed, like she just wanted to finish it. Ugh. Disappointed.
  • Fantastic

    By ploigfdww
    This final book of the series is incredible. I’ve read other reviews of people who didn’t like it and I’m baffled. It brought the series to completion in a very satisfactory way. I loved all three books
  • A Painful Read

    By Eporrini
    If you’re reading this, you’ve likely read the first two books. I wish I could recommend this, but it was a painful read. I pushed through and I’m done, feeling disappointment and sense of relief that I am now free to read better things.
  • Whole series is perfection

    By Whitley D4
    This ending to the series was so good I couldn’t put it down. After the second book I went to as many stores as I could to find this book and ended up finding it cheaper on the book store on my phone. Trust me. Read it. You won’t regret it.
  • Don’t buy it

    By JLO in Michigan
    I’m sorry I did.
  • Fantastic!

    By MrsFaulkner
    This trilogy was amazing! I would definitely recommend reading all three of these books.
  • Disappointed

    By Yomazing
    The first and second books were amazing and my absolutely all time favorites. The ideas used is so unique and I absolutely loved this original story. The second book created a character I loved with so much depth and personality, and the second book really took the time and paced itself to really give a good effect. I loved it so much that I preordered the third book so I that I would have it right away when released. When I finally read it, I was so disappointed. The very first chapter is so rushed I couldn’t appreciate it. The whole story is so rushed in itself it feels shallow and not really in depth. The vibe it gives is like an amateur story and nothing like the the first 2 books. The ending was anticlimactic and the final showdown was confusing and dull. The main character seems too different and the writing is a little too dramatic in parts and not really detailed enough in others. Though still a great story overall, Nothing can really describe how disappointed I was with this ending of my favorite series and I feel like Nora kinda dropped the ball on this one.
  • The Rise Of Magic

    By Maggiemae1112
    I love Nora Roberts books, she is one of my favorite. But I didn’t like this book at all, thought it was uninspiring and boring. The characters in the first book were great and the story entertaining. The second was good and I was looking forward to the last book but was so disappointed in the third book and will never reread it. It is probably my least favorite series because of this book.
  • “ pow to the wow” by Queen Fred

    By grety10
    What an amazing story!!! It has everything you can think of in a masterpiece.It pulled at me from the very fist book. Is not a typical romance, is so much more than that. The power of love, compassion, strength, loyalty, friendship, family, good vrs bad, and my favourite, HOPE is all intertwined in our past, present and future of our current society and lives. It truly makes you stop while you’re reading and think “ wow, this is now in our society” The writing is exceptional and profound. This books had it all for me as a reader. I read all the trilogy in a week. My praise to Mrs. Roberts. What an amazing story!!!