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The Abcs of Apa Style - Beth Lee

The Abcs of Apa Style

By Beth Lee

  • Release Date: 2017-08-30
  • Genre: Writing Reference


Very few students and even professionals know how to write using American Psychological Association Style. You are not the only one.

Beth Lee knows this to be true, because she has been teaching APA style for more than a dozen years. Shes accustomed to hearing students say things such as: What is APA? How do I use it? Cant I just use MLA?

The reality is that many professors, instructors, and professions insist on using APA Style. In this guide, youll learn how to:
take down information to make citing easier; look up information in style guides; memorize the most important rules; and avoid the most common mistakes.
While it would be easy to copy and paste web addresses into essays and academic papers, that is not how APA Style works. If you dont know the rules, your writing wont be taken as seriouslyand if youre in schoolyour marks will suffer.

Once you understand the main elements of APA style, youll be equipped to use more complex style guides and reference materials. Bolster your academic writing today with lessons in The ABCs of APA Style.