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An Introduction to Philosophy - Daniel J. Sullivan

An Introduction to Philosophy

By Daniel J. Sullivan

  • Release Date: 2015-09-23
  • Genre: Philosophy


This textbook is organized as possible: 

Chapter 1. What Is Philosophy? 

Part I. The Historical Rise of Philosophy 
Chapter 2. The First Beginnings of Philosophy 
Chapter 3. The Problem of Change and Permanence 
Chapter 4. The Age of the Sophists 
Chapter 5. Socrates 
Chapter 6. Plato 
Chapter 7. Aristotle 

Part II. The Meaning of Man 
Chapter 8. The Nature of Man 
Chapter 9. The Nature of Knowing 
Chapter 10. The Kinds of Knowing 
Chapter 11. The Truth Of Knowing 
Chapter 12. The Nature of Desire 
Chapter 13. Freedom And Liberty 
Chapter 14. Liberty and Love 
Chapter 15. The Soul Of Man 
Chapter 16. Human Personality 

Part III. The Making of Man 
Chapter 17. In Search of Happiness 
Chapter 18. The Road to Happiness 
Chapter 19. The Life of Virtue 
Chapter 20. The Virtues of the Individual Person 
Chapter 21. Justice, The Social Virtue 
Chapter 22. Social Philosophy 

Part IV. The Universe Of Man 
Chapter 23. The World of Bodies 
Chapter 24. The Realm of Nature 

Part V. The Universe Of Being 
Chapter 25. In Quest of Being 
Chapter 26. Transcendentals of Being 
Chapter 27. The Divisions of Being 
Chapter 28. Uncreated Being 

Chapter 29. The Perennial Philosophy 

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