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The Creation of the World and Other Business - Arthur Miller

The Creation of the World and Other Business

By Arthur Miller

  • Release Date: 2015-12-01
  • Genre: Literary Fiction


A master dramatist’s humorous retelling of the biblical creation story as a parable for our time
Breathing new life into timeless biblical tales, Arthur Miller charmingly reimagines the Book of Genesis from the temptation of Adam and Eve to the fraternal tragedy of Cain and Abel. In the beginning, God, generally satisfied with his creation, is nonetheless perplexed by Adam and Eve—why won’t they multiply? It takes wily Lucifer to interest them in anything more than playing handball in the Garden of Eden, but their new knowledge comes at a price. The first family is exiled from paradise—just as Lucifer is banned from heaven—and a fallen, morally ambiguous state becomes the destiny of humankind. Though The Creation of the World and Other Business was Arthur Miller’s first Broadway comedy, it is full of the searching insight and sparkling dialogue that distinguish his best dramas.